Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In your own world...

ello all!
Alright so today we had our English literature exam. I love English literature. I think it's the one subject that can make you think big, beyond - IMAGINE! My reservations with regard to how we're taught notwithstanding, this poem we just studied is about how we should value our creativity more and I'm going to apply that to this post!
Alright a little over a year ago, while I was out with someone, can't remember who but I'm sure Tejas was there, I came up with a concept. A nonsensical concept. One that in no way added to my intellect or ability! The best kind!
The concept was this: A world where all the words people spoke, came out not as sounds, but instead as actual tangible alphabets! yes large white letters would be flying around and ofcourse they would enter the ears of whoever intended for. People could stop sentences from reaching someone else by intercepting it with another word! Urgent tones would be in italics! Angry could be red!
Now I beg of you all not to question this world of mine. Don't try and see if it's logical or not, just imagine it!
The point of this post is this- most of you are studying, busy or in some way stressed. I don't know if this is apt blog lingo but SCREW IT! Leave your pointless world in the comments, use your imagination, open up the doors of 'riduculous'! Do try!
Temple trample!


anish said...

I remember you telling me about the alphabets flowing out of peoples' mouth. It would be brilliantly hilarious.

Though on question - would there be sound? As in there has to be. I can't imagine a world without music - don't think anyone can!

So I guess that's where the theory might screw up. Imagine how we would identify with the gayness is the Backstreet Boys's voices, there would be no Rob Thomas, and the guitar would be pretty useless. Harry you need to fix this bug! You HAVE too. Ali will kill you. Oh, forgot, probably not.

Govind said...

Nice posts to begin with!!

Imagine a world where people don't walk, but bounce. Each time you place your foot on the ground, you'd thrusted up a few meters ... imagine what the solemn walk before an investiture would be like ... or march past, with blobs of red, green, blue or yellow 'reaching for the stars' ... and football ...............
(My source of inspiration - smack the penguin )

Just a thought ... wonder what would happen to the intercepted words of your world. They'd probably just fall onto the earth and for some reason be non-biodegradable, giving EVS syllabus framers more cause for joy! (Can't stop getting at EVS since Sunday)

PS: Pre-chem, scope for imagination, hah. I tried!

Harry said...

ello! YES govind YES! thank you for that! ANISH DON'T QUESTION! Besides we'dhave adapted to that world already and so we'd manage without sound! Musical notes would come out and once the words enter your ear they become similar to sound! Ali'd still be a part of redial in the world dont worry! Oh and in vibratto the words quaver!
Keep it going guys!

Anonymous said...

hey harry....just found out(sleeping) ....my first comment...congrats...u do need one....one thing.. get the clock rite in ure blog....

Hey rem. my country....i will make u the talking tax collector....so u can give the people these special features in their talking and communication. These can be like text msgs at discounted rates. It would be hilarious man...People will Go MAD. I ll give 50%of all the profit i would make.

Those who don't know...when i have my own country.... everything will be free...everything. There will be only talking tax. I dunno how i will collect it though. Harry fig. it out as u r the manager.
At the end of the day I ll be rich bec. it is not possible by humans to stop talking even if u have tax on it.

Manish said...

Imagine a world with no rajasthanis and no sardars!!! :P

It'd be wonderful to have a world where spoke in monotone - to stress on words they use facial expressions OR repeat the words! Imagine seeing a death metal band perform live!

Two posts in one day - great stuff too! Keep it up mate! Get rid of the word verification though.


ali said...

screw u guys! sound is a must! harry ure theory does not pass in my book.

ok well, umm ive always thought, that it would be friggin hillarious if everyone had moments of extreme randomness, at irregular intervals, at any time. these moments are totally involuntary.
example: while sitting through a very boring double period of maths, mr anthony joseph runs into the room... face full of excitement, panting, due to the immense speed at which he ran to our class. as the door bursts open, he points at sebastian, and exclaims, "SEBASTIAN!!!! JESUS IS COMING!!!!"
sebastian, without questioning, jumps from his desk, runs towards the door, and the both of them are gone.
class continues as normal.

even random mentions of words such as ummmm lets say 'sex' in the middle of conversations count.

sigh, the world would be a much better place.

back to you diane

wii said...

Nothing like a place where people use sex-workers (least vulgar terms possible) instead of money. A typical market-place scene would be as follows-

"Hey there! What's fresh?"

"I've got these great, ripe and juicy tomatoes just in from Ghana."

"I'll take a dozen. How much [many?] will that be?"

"Well, what can you offer?"

"Lemme see: I've got Susan - she's a bit sultry, but great nevertheless. I have Sandra and she's a sizzler. Lucie - not that great but she's got sweet curves. Oh and there's John! But you aren't into that stuff are you...?"

"I'll take Sandra."

"Here you go...Word of advice, she's best before dinner...Thanks."

sweetkewlchic17 said...

i wuz like totaly stumped on whut to saw. i meen its like, such a kewl topic and u guys have put in totaly cool coments and i had to say sumthign to and here it is

it wud be like reely kewl if ther was a world where everythin was just lying around and we cud just pick it up !!!1

lakshmy said...

2 anish et al- we wld do fine in a world sans sound bcoz tht wld be all we ever knew, we wldnt knw wht we were missing, so the Birth nd Death thing wld be less painful (wow...a literary ref! think Magi, last stanza)and ali, ud prob be a poet or something
this whole visible word thing wld make privacy pretty obsolete, i mean, anyone with good eyesight cld tell wht was going on...the whole whispereing wld be hard, (nd ppl wld knw wht u really think!. besides, every1 wld knw how u were feeling when u said something, coz this colour thing wld be a dead giveaway! and theres no scope 4 mishearing.....nd wheres the fun in a straighforward world?
ps- chinese whispers wld be dead boring as well. wld talk sense, but chem yearns 4 my attention.

Jozie said...

my crazy "idea" or whatever you might want to call it, is....what if everyone...saw a different face in one person. Let me explain

If A looks like something to one person,
Another person sees totally different facial features in A.

I dunno whether that helped, but it's so crazy and supposedly impossible it's been food for thought for quite a while...think about it.

I agree with Harry, be creative and don't think you can't!