Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hitting the fan...

ello all!
This post which you are about to read is the first one I have really forced myself to write. Usually if I think of one and I end up expressing it somewhere other than my blog, I don't put it down but then this one is really quite a milestone in terms of my life. And so, since this blog is also a chronicle of sorts, I shall express once more, for the sake of memories.
Last month, when I returned to college for semester deux, I went in with a mission. I realised at several points during my break in Jaipur, that all my life I have always thought. The time had come for me to shut the fuck up and do!
Regular readers and friends will know that I am an Arsenal fan and by extension they will know why. It dawned upon me that until last month, while I have always been an arsenal fan, I was inadvertently a Chelsea man. As much as i hated to acknowledge or accept it, I had always been logical and fucntional. Fucking cunt is what I was.
This past month, I have disowned all aims and goals I ever set for myself. I worked on instinct and there were many times when I paid for it. Whether it was unfortunate 'blips' in the process of getting things I desperately craved, or getting my aim way way wrong, things didn't hurt me the way they did before. Shit really stung now. Essentially I was feeling and living harder than ever before because now I actually lived Arsenal!
In finally becoming an Arsenal man, I have made some awesome 'plays' and have been able to not only find people I genuinely care for, but find people who genuinely care for me. As such I have scored two 'goals.'
The first, is a wooden sheild with cheap plastic gold plating. It is the BMM cup of Talaash '07. It is glorious. It is the result of a truly Spartan effort. 8 of us, got together, with our team name assigned as Spartans, and we took on Jai Hind on it's own turf. We trounced past everything we took part in and defeated teams with contingents 5 and 6 times the size of ours. We fought as a unit and took what we wanted, which incidentally was everything. We did at as Spartans, as Wilson. We did it for a good time, winging it and bringing it. All in all, pretty badass.
The second, is the result of a confession I made. I confessed to a friend I had no right to love the way I did, how I felt about her, trusting that we'd come out stronger. I didn't count though on us coming out together. My second goal is one I will always cherish. Her name's Kyra and she's beautiful. It's not been a fairy tale, but it's been amazing.
I don't know how things will be and as it stands I don't quite care. All I know is that for the first time I'm actually living and it feels better than ever.
To my Olive, the now is way to bitching for me to care about the future.
To Jai Hind and Chelsea, game on.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Time for revolution...

UPDATED: November 10
ello all,
Alright you know how sometimes you want to blog about a lot of things and then suddenly one thing comes along that just binds all of them and presents you with the base to your point? Well me neither, until now that is.
On the 7th of November, Finland was stunned. In a public school in Jokela, an 18 year old boy opened fire on several students and staff members, killing 9 and injuring several others. He then pointed the gun to his own head and shot himself. A few hours later he died too.
This incident is not unlike the few others in the recent past and has several essential similarities. Obviously people will compare and contrast and in doing so they will choose points of blame. If you want to know a bit about this kid, or the little of himself he'd like for you to know anyway, then follow this link to his channel on Youtube.
I don't know this guy and the only exposure I've had to him is from that site and from the subsequent news releases. What I do know, and this is something Marylin Manson pointed out in his interview with Michael Moore from "Bowling for Columbine," is this: this guy, like the guy in the VaTech shooting, and the kids at Columbine, basically needed someone to listen to him. What are the similarities between the killers? They all feel they're outcasts. Granted the stance they take is one of superiority, deeming the rest of humanity weak and senseless, but the basic fact is they were alienated and had to develop independently. Hence the videos on YouTube before they do it. They know they will be judged and they have to give someone that idea that's fuelling them.
The point of this post is something we've discussed in length in class. It's essentially web 2.0. I'm not willing to talk about what fuelled these killers and whether they were right or wrong because that's a judgement I cannot make. My morals are mine and theirs are theirs. I've reached where I am for my reasons and I have to trust that they have reached theirs for their own reasons. The point is, that web 2.0, represents the last, and I mean final bastion of free expression. I can blog here and post videos on YouTube. I can say what I want and how I want to. I can care about whoever's responses I want. YouTube have suspended this guy's account and his last one, and I'm not sure what the terms of violation are. If I find out I'll update below, but if anyone does know, I'd appreciate a comment.
The point is, people will look to blame YouTube for allowing the spread of such 'sick' thoughts, as the Australian paper the Herald Sun deemed them. None of us can decide what's good or bad and none of us will EVER reach a unified conclusion on it. Many of us feel that objectivity is therefore, the only answer.
Some will feel therefore that certain things shouldn't be said. Motives should be questioned. They believe objectivity is therefore, everything that is not subjective. What web 2.0 offers thought, is the OTHER way to objectivity, whereby everything should be said and all motives should be allowed. Let everyone be as subjective as they want and then pick sides or hell, even make sides! This is to me is a silent renaissance. A splurge of thoughts and ideas, terribly subjective and close minded at times, but genuine none the less. If my blog gives it's views today it's because I feel it, and the beauty of web 2.0 is you can make your own blog and slag off mine! The Finnish kid who deemed the rest of the planet weak and mindless, believed that for his reasons and it was only on his YouTube and MySpace pages that he could express that. You can choose to blame the net for spreading his ideas and possibly influencing several others to do as he has, but the net has no reasonable liability, because another net user, the Aussie Herald Sun, deemed his thoughts 'sick.'
Che Guevara believed in a balance, in using past ideals where they are apt and incorporating all of them into your own ideal which is apt to your context. This balance will not be achieved by restricting thoughts and ideas. It'll only be achieved by making these thoughts accessible to everyone and that is what wikis like Wikipedia do.
A few weeks ago a friend of mine asked me how I could expect to reach a point of 'no expectations,' pointing out the blatant contradiction. What I have to say to him now, as I told him I would, is that what I can expect is to expect everything.

OK, bad news.
From YouTube's Terms of Use :
"YouTube reserves the right to decide whether Content or a User Submission is appropriate and complies with these Terms of Service for violations other than copyright infringement, such as, but not limited to, pornography, obscene or defamatory material, or excessive length. YouTube may remove such User Submissions and/or terminate a User's access for uploading such material in violation of these Terms of Service at any time, without prior notice and at its sole discretion. "
The implications are quite clear, and it explains in part why Sturmgeist89's stuff was erased completely. I'm not certain if this was a term of use since the start, or whether it was added later when Google took over, but either way, this is how it is.
There's even more stuff here, to dispell any undue expectations and assumptions we may have had, or atleast I may have had. What's interesting though, is the restrictions I've pointed out are in place even in spite of the vast number of disclaimers and 'liability limitation' clauses they have in place already.
At the same time, it is a great site and as much as these damn restrictions are in place, it still serves a very large part of the purpose of web 2.0.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Plain as sand...

I'm blogging for the sake of blogging here just so I'm clear. I hate getting expectations messed. Just about everything for me can be brought down to some form of expectation. But well, that's another blog altogether. One I may write sometime soon. Who knows.
Anyway, I'm here again in Jaipur.
It's strange because I've never spent more than 2-3 months in this city but somehow it fulfills the qualification of home for me somehow. Like some sort of pit stop I can come back to and re- fuel so I can head back out and get on with the race. It's a good feeling too, because for a while you can just sit back and ride the flow with no particular purpose. Do I wish I pit stopped in Dubai? In some ways yes. I mean Dubai's great for that. It's clean as hell for the most part. Everything's automatic and available. It's as close to being completely objective as a commercial city can be. Too objective? Yes, but I'm talking pit stops here not retirement.
Anyway, it's always great to get away from stuff and look at things from a different angle. That way Jaipur's good for me because I don't have to dwell on too many things here. I mean it's great to encounter in so many ways a representation of where I come from in terms of an amazingly varied family scene, but there's nothing to worry about. It's the quintessential chill pill.
However, on coming here I got a taste of a different root to objectivity, one I fervently support. An uncle of mine who along with my aunt makes up my single favorite couple and favorite two people on the planet, said something that had me re- arranging alot of the thoughts I had become a bit set on in my head. We'd started talking about my course and how my goals have changed and ofcourse reached the role of the media. We got into social responsibility and it was there that he really shook me because he reminded me that any social change is always based on any one person or group's ideology and you can never have a unanimous 'right' or 'wrong'.
The actual discussion is not something I want to get into in this post, not yet anyway but the point is that just as I had pit stopped and let all the excitement, thoughts, emotions and intoxicants settle and take their course, I had them fluffed up a bit again.
Jaipur is awesome for getting yourself together, much like a dear friend of mine feels about her Abu Dhabi. I thought I wasn't dependent on places like this anymore, but in a way I've allowed myself this because, for the same reason I sleep at 10 30 sometimes, I simply can.
So here's to chilling with the dogs, cat, geese, birds and family, with no sea to stare at, but a whole lot of beautiful country side, a clear night sky and Jaipur's first cold November.
Till whenever.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Fault of the fourth and what not

<Updated: 13/10/2007>
This fucking planet...!
Alright so ever since I wrote that Times of India rant, I've started to see just how deep seeded the whole problem really is. See back then I thought the media was too afraid to do anything but feed the masses. Not that that is any less true but I've realised just how screwed up the masses really are to begin with.
In India there is a strange notion of patriotism. It's something we saw at the time of paritition and indeed relied on to reach even that stage. It's the concept of a mob. It's the reason a group of 50 will lynch people in Bihar(not even just once...) and it's the reason Ram Gopal Verma had to stay indoors after 'Aag.' But this mob mentality is most blatant in the one place it really has no right to exist More honestly, just cricket.
This isn't about the fact that the football and hockey ('National' sport) teams have acheived proportionately equal significance in the past few months and have still been completely ignored minus a few headlines. This is about the fact that cricket is this population's vague excuse for patriotism. There is this bizarre notion that by supporting the cricket team you are in turn supporting your nation and that therefore makes you a good citizen, no matter how much you bitch about the government in your arm chair and litter the streets.
Sport is about the human spirit and physically and mentally hitting places you've never hit before. It's about strategically outdoing an opponent for the sake of testing yourself. Sport is beautiful and that's why people follow it. That's why the Gunners never lose fans and Chelsea only sell shirts. But for some reason in this country sport is an excuse for either extreme - savage lynchmob, or obsessive cult.
A few weeks ago after the Indian team brought home the title of world T20 champions, they drove past my college and I saw something I've neve seen before. Lakhs of people surrounded the bus and hundreds of educated students shrieked as the buses drove by. 'I SAW SREESANTH!' 'DUDE, I SAW ALL OF THEM!' That entire day we barely worked because everyone was awaiting the bus. Politicians shook hands with them and crores were spent in felicitation. I understand the concept of escapism but how can you burn a man's house one day and then sing songs about him the next? Why is a team that is essentially a sporting outfit the hope and pride of a nation while millions of us are dying of tubercolosis and diarrhoea? Why will we refuse to organise ourselves and force the government to get going but mobilise ourselves the second the cricket team wins or loses? Does everyone truly understand the sport they claim to love?
Is it all the media's fault? I don't know. Can the media fix it? Damn straight it can.
Elsewhere Sepp Blatter made some grunting noises to the basic effect that he wants all football clubs to have quotas for players from the respective nations they're participating in. This by the way, is a man who has always expressed his desire to banish racism from the game. Beautiful.
You know, whatever despairing need the nation may feel towards cricket, it is certainly not about sport. It's rooted in this bizarre feeling we all have about belonging to one country. It doesn't matter whose economy gets richer whenever you drink Pepsi or Thums up. Borders were made for administrative purposes. To make it easier to control a group of people. Not to segregate and glorify. The point of any government isn't to make itself better than anyone else, but indeed to just make it's people as comfortable in their personal growth as possible.You want something to belong to? Try the fucking planet!
I'll tell you what, in a few years time when we've effectively melted the planet, and we're all either drowning or burning, will it really matter whether you're Indian or English?
<The other day I came across the closest to honest patriotism I have ever come across. I had asked a friend of mine if I could crash at his place for a few days. Instead of saying "Mi casa es su casa" this guy just said "Arey, Mera ghar tera ghar!" To me, this was beautiful because of how natural his response and that's what real patriotism should be. Comfort.>

Saturday, September 22, 2007

When the bed bug bites...

ello all!
So where have I been? Well, a few months ago I was fortunate enough to be inducted into the greatest sociological muck up the planet will ever see- the BMM course at Wilson College.
Now the irony of my complete lack of writing due to a mass media course aside, these past few months have been without a doubt the most incredible I've ever experienced. 4 months ago, I was still that cunt who wanted to get into Xavier's and play west end some day, world at my feet and all that. Now? Coming into this world, the most significant feeling it gave me was one of being small. Tiny, insignificant, and most of all, truly clueless.
Right from my first lecture, I knew I was never going to leave, because before me stood a man who instilled insecurity and panic into a group of people who'd never even met him or in some cases had even heard of him, and all he had to do, was be himself. It was beautiful. It was like meeting our respective consciences, and looking back sheepishly as we realised how nothing we did had ever really mattered because we hadn't hit 100% productivity yet. What he represented at that point was everything we could be, in terms of effort and knowledge, that we so obviously weren't. He was basically a reminder of every time someone made us feel like shit about our 'potential,' or about how we didn't realise how lucky we were. How human his expectations were showed me my limit and it was harsh.
Ever since then, the weeks just moulded together into one huge moment, one which hasn't yet ended I feel, even as I type this out. What defines a moment is a consistent pace and bloody hell, it's been a considerable pace. It took me a while to truly soak myself in this life entirely, and indeed I needed a slight shove before i did, but now that I'm in it I've never felt better. For the first time I feel like I can actually make a fucking difference to this planet. In four little months I have grown more than I have in 18 years.
How incredibly messed up this planet really is, is something I've always known but for the first time it's overwhelmed me. It's too soon and I wouldn't dare commit just yet, but yes, reporting has quite firmly kicked my dreams of theatre in their metaphorical nuts. Maybe it'll be shortlived, I don't know, the amount I've been shaken up these past few months I can't really say anything, but for the moment that's where I feel I need to be. Studying and learning about all the things we have, everything in me is pointing me in this direction and mentally at least I'm already making preparations.
But the kind of awareness and logic the subjects have given me are all great but they wouldn't have meant fuck but for the people I've met here and the experiences we've shared. And for the first time in my life I think I may be willing to admit I want to concede to logic. Whether I have in the past or not is irrelevant, but for the first time I want to accept it as a part of what I believe in. A few weeks ago, I was struggling to choose between the person I used to be, the guy who writes plays, and the person I should be, the guy who writes fact. Art and logic, I felt. Fuck it, why not both? If there's one thing Bombay stands for, it's be whatever the hell you want to and however the hell you want to. Sounds good to me.
I've met some incredible people here who've really changed me and each one of them has been beautiful in their own way. Ive had some good experiences, and some a bit sour, but they've all been awesome because for the first time, reality's bitten me and I cannot wait to bite back!

I fucking hate bed bugs.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hot in the city...tonight...!

ello all!
Well I'm in Bombay! You know how sometimes you'll see something and suddenly realise why they have a certain phrase or word for it? Well for Bombay the word's vibrant.
On my way in, even as the plane went dangerously close to the slums right before the airport, in my head, almost like some sort of premonition of things to come, I could hear this totally awesome background music building. Anyway, from the minute I saw it, I began to subconsciously compare it and only the other day when I was thinking about how Ill go about this post, it struck me just how much like Dubai this place is.
They've got malls, people dressed up, shopping, food, clean roads, beaches, sunsets, sky scrapers, buildings, cabs, Indians, different names for different areas which is accepted as common knowledge to all who've set foot here...they have it all and yet- there's something more.
There's something about the way thousands of people will walk around this city, doing their own thing, leading their own lives, secluded in a less physical way, yet they all seem to have this one common factor-that theyre in Bombay! For some reason, still quite inexplicable to me, everytime I look out of a cab, I can literally drown in the vibe this place gives off.
See the stores and the restaurants aren't dead consumeristic outlets, they're a place to be. The buildings aren't just boring function aimed structures, they've got culture, memories, reason, energy, and in some cases- gargoyles! YES! GARGOYLES!
It's not a row of shops in a symmetrical pattern, it's a bunch of guys running stores their own way with people they know and people who know them! Cabs aren't uniform vehicles, theyre each so incredibly unique, and outdated which just adds to it. Every cab will have a differnt interior or a different sticker on the back or front or sides-anywhere! Every building will have it's official name and the name people actually call it. Every store has a guy with a different way of looking at things. The beach isn't clean and healthy, its messy and beautiful! I ate dog meat thinking it was mutton! It's not a place you HAVE to be in for money or for work, it's a place you LOVE to be in. It's a culture, a vibe, a way of life, a stamp, light or dark but always permanent on who you are, it's validation almost, that you've been a part of the buzz and can be proud. It's beautiful!
To me, Bombay is sort of like Mother India's bachelor son, still in his twenties having a blast, loving and being loved, as opposed to say- Jaipur, which is the more regal diplomatic kid with degrees and responsibilities!
I've been here 10 days now, and that's nothing, but no city has ever hit me the way this one has. Maybe I want to love it, maybe I'm conditioning myself out of fear of hating it, maybe I'm expecting too much- or too little for that matter. Perhaps it's that there's history behind it, and there's a culture that people have adhered to for decades, as opposed to Dubai's still goo-goo-gah-gah-ing age. Perhaps it's that Bombay's chosen to be Bombay, and not part US, English, Dutch, African, Indian and Muslim! All I know is I'm in Bombay and I feel good!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tossing scrambled eggs

So, in Dubai, at my Aunt's place, they had the radio on pretty much all day. So basically everything you did had this soundtrack to it. But then one day just as Lou Reed had helped me through some work(Du du du du tu du), the soundtrack stopped. It wasn't an ad, or a DJ talking, no, it was...a psychiatrist! And an American one at that. I was ecstatic! An american shrink on the radio? This obviously meant he was an intellectual with a wacky family and a staring dog! And ofcourse, it did not. Turns out he was as dull as dull gets and his speech pattern resembled that of a microwave.
However it wasn't that most vacuum cleaners have better intonations than him that annoyed me, no it was how he approached what was nothing short of a brilliant idea. What's his job? Over the obvious song selection, sponsor worship and news reading(Angelina's got another one! Like oh my god!), he basically hears people with issues clearly more important than a sense of privacy, broadcast their problems with thousands listening, hoping he'll give them the solution, that one answer that'll cause a collective 'hmmm' from all his listeners as they realise how insignificant their problems really are.
Instead, in a thousand admittedly unique and special ways, he tells them to 'seek professional help', which is interesting you see, because he claimed to be providing just that. You have these people calling him, bearing their souls to him and allowing themselves to be completely vulnerable, with the slight expectation that maybe he may have some insight into their problems and how to deal with it. Instead, he turns out to be an advetisement, a BAD advertisement for all other pyschiatrists!
This radio ass aside, the approach of modern science to people and their problems really makes me sick. The one thing I fear most, is that eventually, logically enough, we'll spread out so much that the only way we can stay together is through a generalised web of politically correct rules and systems until even love can be 'procured', and a hug will be quantifiable. Ever since they decided to term depression as 'bi polar disorder', the way people deal with problems (treatment) has changed. If you're kid's depressed you give him a pill! If he lacks enthusiasm you give him a pill! It's so simple to be logical. So easy to blame a biological or chemical malfunction in someone's head for them having problems. Anorexia, manic depression, suicidal tendencies, don't start because of endorphins or some chemical in your head. They start because of very real, very difficult issues. Losing someone, being un-loved, being afraid, being human!
The doctor on the radio mentioned how alcoholism was dealt with by the immediate family providing love in an 'organised' fashion. Fuck him. There's no organised fashion of loving. You've got a problem you bear it. You don't need pills. If you have a problem, figure out why, be honest to yourself about something getting to you, and then find the best solution you can. Deal with your problems don't get diagnosed for them! I don't know. This is where I stand. It's hard when you've got shit to bear, so fix it. It's alot nicer not feeling like crap! Isn't THAT logical!?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Make me pure...not Ashley...

Alright. In a bid to start blogging EVERYday, I have decided I will blog TOday and hope the presumption of your collective anticipation will see me through another post tomorrow! Today's meaty steak to sink my teeth in would be something I've never tried before....FOOTBALL!

Ok, now that all hopes of the 'dream' Champions league final are out the windie and indeed the European (international hm?) football scene seems a little dandier for UEFA to propogate, I think it's time I did this post, which frankly I've been burning to do since the pulsating start to Gameweek 36 of the English premier league.
What basically happened was, at the end of 45 minutes of regulation football, it seemed certain that Chelsea would go on to beat Bolton(pronounced cunts on this blog) and Manchester United would go on to lose at Everton. What actually happened was Manchester United won in the ugliest of fashions and Chelsea drew in a slightly more exciting fashion- which wasn't very exciting at all actually- but then Bolton was playing and Chelsea was playing and somewhere in the middle of it all they expected a football match to take place.
Anywho, the point of this post, is to bring to light just how significant this season in the EPL has been, not just to this year, not just to this league, not even just to football, in fact to mankind in general!
Yes such is the depth and extent of the pure evil that Chelsea football club has turned into over the past 3 years, that even an Arsenal fan is willing to stand and say he proudly rooted for Manchester United! This year, English football encountered the ultimate battle - of beauty and flair VS. logic and money.
The first instance, where money won, was when a GBP200 million pounds worth Chelsea team were able to overcome an Arsenal side of an average age of 19.5, and go on and win the prestige and glory of the Carling cup. They played long balls, shot at all instances and decided passing would only be used as a time wasting technique. Arsenal played through balls and made moves that involved all players to use not just their instinct but yes, their skill too(Fuck you Julio). Arsenal dominated Chelsea won. Arsenal entertained Chelsea won.
The rest of the season has basically seen Manchester United's efforts serve as the saviour football has called for these past two years. When Manchester United were hated they were hated for being arrogant cocky bastards,( and also for David Beckham :)), but they had style. Chelsea however, are arrogant, cocky bastards who whine through the blatant luck which they ride on and play dull unattractive football in a club which has effectively exterminated any lingering passion or tradition. Man U were respected, Chelsea are not.
Football has since the start been a sport. A sport has since the start been a test. A test of man's ingenuity, innovation, skill, control over the rawest of all gifts-his body, and most importantly, his creative ability to make something beautiful of it all. Football, and I suppose most team sports stand out in this respect because it's the combiend beauty of a team. Arsenal and admittedly United too, have for several years now, graced the sport with such beauty. Flair, attacking football that makes you gasp and gape and cheer and smile and cry and get that makes you FEEL their passion!
Chelsea on the other hand, represent an assemblage of the two things that will eventually destroy mankind- Logic and money.
Roman Abrahamovich, a brilliant businessman, has put together with his hard earned money a team of professionals who provide a systematic tactical method that ensures a) Strategic efforts to frustrate and obstruct any creativity on the pitch b) a method for acheiving results which is based on the result rather than the method, c) financial success from said strategic efforts that ensures malliable school kids with a lack of individuality and passion will "support" their "team"!
For the objective layman, it may not strike you too obviously, but teams like Arsenal and Manchester United represent what any artist does-creating a thing of beauty and enjoying executing it. Chelsea represents a system, with parameters and boundaries fuelled by logic, with method and not passion, Chelsea represents seeking results-money, as opposed to seeking satisfaction.
This year if Manchester United avoid a Devon Loch, they can go on to win the EPL and maybe the FA cup. That would mean beauty CAN win, and it would remove from Chelsea's ranks the one argument they'll always be able to use-that they win. It would mean we can still HOPE!
Hopefully ofcourse true beauty will win some more next year, when Arsenal seek the title after far too long. Till then, Go Man utd, may your plagued souls rotting in evil save the day, so Chelsea can suffer and hopefully vent on Assley Hole's body.

The Cashley slating and football hoo hah in general has been brought on in large part due to ARSEBLOG-the finest damn arse in the land!
Good day!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

White men can't coach?!

Ok, NOW I'm pissed!
Ever since I got back to India a couple weeks ago, I've been noticing the actual integrity of the Times of India as a newspaper is somewhat well non existant.
It started after the terrible tragedy of sheer horror and shock that some will refer to as the ICC world cup 2007 in the years to come. The team lost. People who literlly prayed for them were pissed. The nation's hearts were broken. MOVE THE HELL ON! It's a sport, you're suffering from poverty, unemployment, crime and quite clearly a real need to prioritize! But no, instead, for the days that followed upto HALF of the front page(I measured...) was taken up by stories like "THE WHITE SHIT WE DON'T WANT TO DEPEND ON BUT STILL DO HAS RESIGNED", and on the left hand side, spread over 3 lines in the measliest font there is they 'mention'-Iran release 15 British soldiers. Now I understand that the sport means alot to people, and they need a release from the crap they're going through and it signifies passion and all that, but at the risk of over reacting, Iran IS a potential(if not present) nuclear power and they had held captive 15 soldiers from a nation that's taken part in a couple of wars here and there-BRITAIN!
Now ofcourse the newspaper will run stories that are most popular, but I really find it quite hard to believe the nation will stop reading one of it's premier news journals because they didn't give Greg Chappell the front bloody page!
Anyway all that's kind of grey, but then today morning, in the aftermath of one of the worst shootings in an american college, the Vatech tragedy, the story they run is this(I quote ofcourse) :
"Indian Professor, student killed in Virginia shootings"
I'm a huge fan of national sentiment, I truly am, but 33 students are murdered arbritrarily and the entire cover story in the main Times of India is about how 2 of them were Indian?
Somethings bloody off! Ofcourse the editor did maintain a balance, by including a supplementary called Times of India International(6 pages long) where they did cover the story objectively or with some sort of journalistic integrity anyway.
Whether the people demand it or not, newspapers DO control the minds of it's readers, they know it and in fact THRIVE on it. Run the story on what may turn out be a factor resulting in the third world war and cover Greg-o and the rest of his national hero goons in the sprts section-that's why you have it. It's bad enough the English Premier league is confined to one article at the back, and even worse that the Indian league is generally confined to even less, while the supreme achievements of out nation in cricket are spread all across 2, sometimes 3 sides of the sports section! Allow the people to realise that kids CAN be frustrated and clued up to the point of mass homicide and it'll affect a whole lot more than 2 people whose Indian origin is of no real consequence in the larger scheme of things.
Sitting from where I am, things need to change- please justify this if you can, I'd hate to think the leading newspaper's full of shit!
UPDATE: Today's paper, as Govind warned, starts with abhi-ash bullshit. Loreal apparently wishes her the best of luck on the perfect match..."because she's worth it!" Lovely to see the inadequate classification of news now ensures you have the Business, Sports, National, International AND tabloid sections all in 32 sides of advertisement overflowing, poorly written bullshit. I'd say something like I lost faith in everything now, but that happened alot before this, about the same time I found out Aishwarya Rai is married to not one, but TWO trees. Yes the word is trees. Great start to the day isn't it?

Friday, February 16, 2007

When even orgasms rhyme!

Ello All!
I know I know, It's been about two months since my last post and honestly I'm sorry! Anyway to the LATEST POST then, shall we?

I love the current music scene! It's so exciting with all these new bands popping up! The whole ipod thing really worked outt for a crap load of bands out there, because honestly if not for downloading, on my own or from someone else, I probably wouldnt have heard HALF the music I've heard! Anyway, this really doesn't have much to do with the post so I'll just move onto it then!
There's a growing conern that entertainment in general is basically ALL ABOUT SEX! What everyone's all in a huff about is that future generations and whatever sorry excuse for culture they can spit out, will also be all about sex. It's a fair enough concern I guess but then again, isn't the entertainment industry just an expression of people's thoughts and current mindsets anyway? And who's to argue with the general majority concerned? Ah! There's a thought for you! But once again not the main point behind my post! (You're in for some serious disspaointment!)
This post is a confession(like everything else in a bookstore!). I LIKE the Pussycat Dolls! I even admire them a tiny bit for what they're bringing to the music scene!(give me a chance, read on!)
First of all, these guys are HOT beyond reason! They can move in ways you can only wish you could imagine and they have pretty decent vocals too! But what's so great about them is that they roll up into one performance what every guy wants, and every girl wishes she had!
Looks aside though,(come on you can do it...!) their lead singer Nicole Sher-'sound of drool'-inger is one hell of a showgirl! It was this one performance of 'loosen up my buttons' that got me hooked. It starts with a dark stage, few beams of light and just the silhouette of all the other girls. Then SHE comes in with this:"What's the matter? You aren't afraid of a little pussycat?" that gets the crowd going absolutely WILD! It's the kind of show I'd imagine Robbie would do if he had breasts!
But what's so brilliant about them, was how they saw EXACTLY what everyone wanted but would only hint at and then not only did they bring it, they brought it in STYLE! While it's deplorable that that's what our society's reduced itself to, these guys deserve some credit for putting their spin on everything that was being asked and giving it! Why do i admire them though? Because they've been honest about it with their music! They've said everything we've thought and they've put on a very attractive platter, just what we asked for!
"Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me...?"
Commercially, I'd say it was even more intelligent than bringing a dim witted-billboard hugging-publicity whore-of-a failing has-been athlete to endorse a wrongly named sport in a city like los Angeles where noone gives a damn anyway!(moving right along...) It's a matter of demand and supply.
In all honesty though, I do hope music is able to come out of what is without doubt a depression in taste if not quality, and no, I do not hold these guys in higher regard than people like John Mayer. But in the meanwhile, I respect them for controlling the scene and franchising themselves into something 1100 times bigger than just another dance troop in a lounge.
Beep away PCD! Beep away!