Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tossing scrambled eggs

So, in Dubai, at my Aunt's place, they had the radio on pretty much all day. So basically everything you did had this soundtrack to it. But then one day just as Lou Reed had helped me through some work(Du du du du tu du), the soundtrack stopped. It wasn't an ad, or a DJ talking, no, it was...a psychiatrist! And an American one at that. I was ecstatic! An american shrink on the radio? This obviously meant he was an intellectual with a wacky family and a staring dog! And ofcourse, it did not. Turns out he was as dull as dull gets and his speech pattern resembled that of a microwave.
However it wasn't that most vacuum cleaners have better intonations than him that annoyed me, no it was how he approached what was nothing short of a brilliant idea. What's his job? Over the obvious song selection, sponsor worship and news reading(Angelina's got another one! Like oh my god!), he basically hears people with issues clearly more important than a sense of privacy, broadcast their problems with thousands listening, hoping he'll give them the solution, that one answer that'll cause a collective 'hmmm' from all his listeners as they realise how insignificant their problems really are.
Instead, in a thousand admittedly unique and special ways, he tells them to 'seek professional help', which is interesting you see, because he claimed to be providing just that. You have these people calling him, bearing their souls to him and allowing themselves to be completely vulnerable, with the slight expectation that maybe he may have some insight into their problems and how to deal with it. Instead, he turns out to be an advetisement, a BAD advertisement for all other pyschiatrists!
This radio ass aside, the approach of modern science to people and their problems really makes me sick. The one thing I fear most, is that eventually, logically enough, we'll spread out so much that the only way we can stay together is through a generalised web of politically correct rules and systems until even love can be 'procured', and a hug will be quantifiable. Ever since they decided to term depression as 'bi polar disorder', the way people deal with problems (treatment) has changed. If you're kid's depressed you give him a pill! If he lacks enthusiasm you give him a pill! It's so simple to be logical. So easy to blame a biological or chemical malfunction in someone's head for them having problems. Anorexia, manic depression, suicidal tendencies, don't start because of endorphins or some chemical in your head. They start because of very real, very difficult issues. Losing someone, being un-loved, being afraid, being human!
The doctor on the radio mentioned how alcoholism was dealt with by the immediate family providing love in an 'organised' fashion. Fuck him. There's no organised fashion of loving. You've got a problem you bear it. You don't need pills. If you have a problem, figure out why, be honest to yourself about something getting to you, and then find the best solution you can. Deal with your problems don't get diagnosed for them! I don't know. This is where I stand. It's hard when you've got shit to bear, so fix it. It's alot nicer not feeling like crap! Isn't THAT logical!?


Ishika said...

Isn't the feeling of falling in love triggered by some chemical which can be duplicated by eating chocolate, my point being, do we control our bodily chemicals or do they control us? Hmmm
Oh and apparently, in some country, kindergarden teachers don't hold the kids' hands while crossing the road for the fear of 'sexual harassement' lawsuits, there, we're robots already. Oh and i love pills, they take me to my happy place.

Harry said...

Im sure they do and soon your happy place will have all white walls, a ton of bright lights and a lot of nice beeping machines! It isn't real.

Anonymous said...

The fact that there's a separate diagnosis for EVERYTHING is disturbing, but it was expected all the same. The "one thing you fear most", is what I call "the age of the hypochondriac" and sadly, I think it's already here.

Just to clear things up, hormones and other chemicals don't cause emotions, their activity is more of a result. Yet, there are some who use that to explain everything away and try to seem as though their hapless victims of their bodies and the secretions within.

It's "logical" beyond doubt to deal with things in order to not "feel like crap", but it seems as though it has become much easier and hence more popular to pin it on a disorder and join the countless others who seem to have the same.

Ishika said...

I agree, we're becoming a horribly spineless blamist culture, one only needs to watch Oprah or Dr.Phil to see it, even serial killers attribute their atrocities to "childhood incidents". Fuck that. We are who we want to be. Pure and Simple. Oh and Harry the reason i need the pills is because my parents screwed me over..