Friday, February 16, 2007

When even orgasms rhyme!

Ello All!
I know I know, It's been about two months since my last post and honestly I'm sorry! Anyway to the LATEST POST then, shall we?

I love the current music scene! It's so exciting with all these new bands popping up! The whole ipod thing really worked outt for a crap load of bands out there, because honestly if not for downloading, on my own or from someone else, I probably wouldnt have heard HALF the music I've heard! Anyway, this really doesn't have much to do with the post so I'll just move onto it then!
There's a growing conern that entertainment in general is basically ALL ABOUT SEX! What everyone's all in a huff about is that future generations and whatever sorry excuse for culture they can spit out, will also be all about sex. It's a fair enough concern I guess but then again, isn't the entertainment industry just an expression of people's thoughts and current mindsets anyway? And who's to argue with the general majority concerned? Ah! There's a thought for you! But once again not the main point behind my post! (You're in for some serious disspaointment!)
This post is a confession(like everything else in a bookstore!). I LIKE the Pussycat Dolls! I even admire them a tiny bit for what they're bringing to the music scene!(give me a chance, read on!)
First of all, these guys are HOT beyond reason! They can move in ways you can only wish you could imagine and they have pretty decent vocals too! But what's so great about them is that they roll up into one performance what every guy wants, and every girl wishes she had!
Looks aside though,(come on you can do it...!) their lead singer Nicole Sher-'sound of drool'-inger is one hell of a showgirl! It was this one performance of 'loosen up my buttons' that got me hooked. It starts with a dark stage, few beams of light and just the silhouette of all the other girls. Then SHE comes in with this:"What's the matter? You aren't afraid of a little pussycat?" that gets the crowd going absolutely WILD! It's the kind of show I'd imagine Robbie would do if he had breasts!
But what's so brilliant about them, was how they saw EXACTLY what everyone wanted but would only hint at and then not only did they bring it, they brought it in STYLE! While it's deplorable that that's what our society's reduced itself to, these guys deserve some credit for putting their spin on everything that was being asked and giving it! Why do i admire them though? Because they've been honest about it with their music! They've said everything we've thought and they've put on a very attractive platter, just what we asked for!
"Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me...?"
Commercially, I'd say it was even more intelligent than bringing a dim witted-billboard hugging-publicity whore-of-a failing has-been athlete to endorse a wrongly named sport in a city like los Angeles where noone gives a damn anyway!(moving right along...) It's a matter of demand and supply.
In all honesty though, I do hope music is able to come out of what is without doubt a depression in taste if not quality, and no, I do not hold these guys in higher regard than people like John Mayer. But in the meanwhile, I respect them for controlling the scene and franchising themselves into something 1100 times bigger than just another dance troop in a lounge.
Beep away PCD! Beep away!