Friday, May 04, 2007

Make me pure...not Ashley...

Alright. In a bid to start blogging EVERYday, I have decided I will blog TOday and hope the presumption of your collective anticipation will see me through another post tomorrow! Today's meaty steak to sink my teeth in would be something I've never tried before....FOOTBALL!

Ok, now that all hopes of the 'dream' Champions league final are out the windie and indeed the European (international hm?) football scene seems a little dandier for UEFA to propogate, I think it's time I did this post, which frankly I've been burning to do since the pulsating start to Gameweek 36 of the English premier league.
What basically happened was, at the end of 45 minutes of regulation football, it seemed certain that Chelsea would go on to beat Bolton(pronounced cunts on this blog) and Manchester United would go on to lose at Everton. What actually happened was Manchester United won in the ugliest of fashions and Chelsea drew in a slightly more exciting fashion- which wasn't very exciting at all actually- but then Bolton was playing and Chelsea was playing and somewhere in the middle of it all they expected a football match to take place.
Anywho, the point of this post, is to bring to light just how significant this season in the EPL has been, not just to this year, not just to this league, not even just to football, in fact to mankind in general!
Yes such is the depth and extent of the pure evil that Chelsea football club has turned into over the past 3 years, that even an Arsenal fan is willing to stand and say he proudly rooted for Manchester United! This year, English football encountered the ultimate battle - of beauty and flair VS. logic and money.
The first instance, where money won, was when a GBP200 million pounds worth Chelsea team were able to overcome an Arsenal side of an average age of 19.5, and go on and win the prestige and glory of the Carling cup. They played long balls, shot at all instances and decided passing would only be used as a time wasting technique. Arsenal played through balls and made moves that involved all players to use not just their instinct but yes, their skill too(Fuck you Julio). Arsenal dominated Chelsea won. Arsenal entertained Chelsea won.
The rest of the season has basically seen Manchester United's efforts serve as the saviour football has called for these past two years. When Manchester United were hated they were hated for being arrogant cocky bastards,( and also for David Beckham :)), but they had style. Chelsea however, are arrogant, cocky bastards who whine through the blatant luck which they ride on and play dull unattractive football in a club which has effectively exterminated any lingering passion or tradition. Man U were respected, Chelsea are not.
Football has since the start been a sport. A sport has since the start been a test. A test of man's ingenuity, innovation, skill, control over the rawest of all gifts-his body, and most importantly, his creative ability to make something beautiful of it all. Football, and I suppose most team sports stand out in this respect because it's the combiend beauty of a team. Arsenal and admittedly United too, have for several years now, graced the sport with such beauty. Flair, attacking football that makes you gasp and gape and cheer and smile and cry and get that makes you FEEL their passion!
Chelsea on the other hand, represent an assemblage of the two things that will eventually destroy mankind- Logic and money.
Roman Abrahamovich, a brilliant businessman, has put together with his hard earned money a team of professionals who provide a systematic tactical method that ensures a) Strategic efforts to frustrate and obstruct any creativity on the pitch b) a method for acheiving results which is based on the result rather than the method, c) financial success from said strategic efforts that ensures malliable school kids with a lack of individuality and passion will "support" their "team"!
For the objective layman, it may not strike you too obviously, but teams like Arsenal and Manchester United represent what any artist does-creating a thing of beauty and enjoying executing it. Chelsea represents a system, with parameters and boundaries fuelled by logic, with method and not passion, Chelsea represents seeking results-money, as opposed to seeking satisfaction.
This year if Manchester United avoid a Devon Loch, they can go on to win the EPL and maybe the FA cup. That would mean beauty CAN win, and it would remove from Chelsea's ranks the one argument they'll always be able to use-that they win. It would mean we can still HOPE!
Hopefully ofcourse true beauty will win some more next year, when Arsenal seek the title after far too long. Till then, Go Man utd, may your plagued souls rotting in evil save the day, so Chelsea can suffer and hopefully vent on Assley Hole's body.

The Cashley slating and football hoo hah in general has been brought on in large part due to ARSEBLOG-the finest damn arse in the land!
Good day!


anish said...

nice post and highly inspired by the greatest arse ever!

i like the style..obviously!

but somehow, beyond reason and logic, i still want chelsea to win, only because of the pure hatred that i have for man utd.

but looking at it utd do deserve to win. they have played better football

and umm yeah next season harry..ITS US ALL THE WAY BABY!

at least, i hope so...

Anonymous said...

well completely agree with the little football knowledge that i have :S:P

hmm as far as arsenal are concerned they would prb be on top if they can put the ball between two posts from 6 yards out after getting there

gomez95 said...

1. Man Utd Vs Everton was a brilliant match , much better than Chelsea Vs Bolton.

2. It was Arsenals choice to play their 19.5 aged squad. How they expect to win with that is stupidity of the highest standards.

3. Arsenal did not dominate , nor entertain. Chelsea deserved their victory in the Carling Cup.

4. Fabregas is immature.

5. Chelsea play good football , not with as much flair , but good none the less.

6. The number of times , Chelsea hav made people feel passion and gasp etc is seen in their determination with the number of last minute winners.

7.The talk of boundaries and parameters is insane. Every club and player for that matter play for money as well as satsifaction. Man Utd are richer than Chelsea btw.

8. Arsenal are not even in the equation. Knocked out of all 3 major competitions a long time ago.

9. Man Utd are the Champions! Chelsea are a deserved 2nd. Arsenal are small fry.

10. Ali is fat.

Harry said...

11. Arsenal have beaten Man Utd. both times they've played them this year.
12. Chelsea's equalising goal in the Carling cup(the most glorious of all cups) was blatantly offside.
13.Arsenal's 'home' pitch is all of one season old.
14.Chelsea have gotten as far as they have with a great deal of luck and oh so many last minute winners. After all a few hundred million pounds ought to help you demolish a Watford defence 1-0.
15. Ur a bloody Man utd fan!