Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"I never done it, but if I did..."

ello All!
Newspapers like City Times are pretty much crap unless random snippets of news that'll only hinder your intellect is your thing. However they are able to hit the B for bizzare chord every once in a way!
I have for a while now tried to avoid being surprised by anything in a very 'accept all' kind of way. As a wise man once said- Ain't happenin' man!
O.J. Simpson was a major league footballer(american not the real stuff) back in the early 90s. However the real reason he shot to fame (and even got a couple of roles in movies), was the highly controversial murder case he was involved in in 1994. His wife Nicola and her 'friend'(i love diplomacy) Ronald were found brutally murdered and naturally the cheif suspect was OJ. Johnny Cochrane his attorney also shot to fame during the trial because despite all the evidence pointing towards OJ, he got him off the hook. The public was quite appalled and naturally, OJ went on to live a life being covered in all newspapers. Last few years though he's been out of the news and NOW he's wiggled his way back into the spotlight in one H E L L of a way!
FOX news(honesty anyone?) are about to air and release interviews with OJ simpson to coincide with the release of his book. The campaign is called 'IF I DID IT'. Yes! This guy has written a book and given interviews - in depth, describing how he WOULD have murdered his wife and 'friend'!The book, "hypothetically describes how the murders would have been committed." He has actually come out and said "if i did it, this is how Id have done it!!" Funny how little by little the musical Chicago comes to reality!
I haven't seen much coverage of the book and interviews and frankly I'm a little glad but I was quite frankly awestruck.
Perhaps not the most apt post with regard to the blog name, but it's just something interesting I came across. Hopefully I'll post regularly and make Anish proud. Do comment on this and tell me what you think and maybe if you know a bit more on the subject, do share. Till then,
Tripping trampolines to Tigerland!


gomezzzz said...

:D:D eeee am i the firstt??

ooo oj simpson...i always wanted to know what he was in for...i knew about some murder but not the specifics! thanks for the details!

but weirdd ehhh? why would he do that...welll guts and stupidity i guess. ah well harry at least ull hav some company in hell (rajasthan)!...

good luck with the blog!..keep updattingggggg!...we jobless ppl...really do not want to study chem!


Anonymous said...

Thank you. People like YOU need to have blogs. Im so thrilled that you've actually got this off the ground...hope it stays right up there where it belongs.
Good first post! I love your writing man! very uhhh comfortable?
Maybe because its so familiar to me!
About OJ Simpson...
Oh well.
And Finally i shall say to you...
Blog on!

Anonymous said...

Hey Harry,

(I'm going to start keeping a count of how many blogs I've been the first to comment on :P)

Interesting post. Though nothing to contribute to it. Sorry!

Love the senseless alliterations!!

Keep Blogging!!

jrod said...

and so, another one has caught on! ill leave the welcoming you into the blogosphere to the others, shall i? :P
i cant believe about OJ. how daft is all i can say! and laugh my head off. (giggle) the things people do to become famous... pathetic.
anyway, best of luck with your blog!

Manish said...

Greetings Harry!

Welc..Oh screw it! ;)

I read that blasted article yesterday. I found this video on youtube:


He's a freak - God knows why he didn't get locked up for a long spell. The "Brilliant" American Justice does it again...


Harry said...

ello all!
Thanks for the comments and sorry I bungled a bit and set moderation for enabled so ur comments didnt appear!!:p And yes Tejas I'll hope I can keep it going too! anyway am going to perform a small'i got 5 comments' dance!
Trickle track!

Anonymous said...

just woke up...wooozy...(weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...)...anyway...blah

anish said...



Yes, just because Tejas dint sleep in the afternoon, he gets to say the same things I wanna, before me.

But you have this touch-of-humour flow, which everybody (or at least us) is naturally inclined too. The gazillions of comments you leave, beyond the sensibility, scream out I NEED A FRIGGIN BLOG!

thank god u have got one,
unmukt and tejas have stolen the "welcome to the blogosphere" - something I learnt from this random commenter on my sis's blog.

anyway harry, the proud but - yeah u will..:P

a warm, tender and loving welcome to the rapidly pervading world of blogging! :)
bloggggggz'sszzz on

ashiQ said...

Hey Harendra. Here's the 411:

Orenthal James Simpson, known as "OJ" or "The Juice" was a stalwart sportsman in his prime, right up there with all the other American footballers that we don't care about. He was a remarkbale running back who racked up record after record in a career that spanned a decade, and was rewarded with much props afterward.

He starred in a couple of movies and also had his own production company [though thankfully, he had more sense than to call it Lahtnero].

One double homicide later, we are thrown into what is known as 'The Trial of The Century' Before the trial, however was a cop chase that millions in America watched with breath that was reported to be not-so-bated as it was one of those slow-speed affairs. To avoid the capital punishment that was meted out for such crime in California, OJ put together a team of kick-butt lawyers, dubbed the 'Dream Team' by the press, and the rest is his story.

The latest I've read however, is that he's not going public with this BS after all. Rupert Murdoch ['ett' another lovable character] has called it off, citing the obvious distaste that's bound to feature in the future.
Well, if he had gone through with it, I can't imagine how it WOULD have been.

I love alliteration, yours in particular. For the record, my answers for literature are as riddled with alliteration as could be, so you'll understand if any encroached upon this comment.

Anonymous said...

heeeey biitch,
i cudnt resist :D
and nooo i didnt actually read anythin on ur blog....i just thought i'd take the honour of being the first one to post a negative comment :D
no no... hold the applause...
i just wanted to ask you,
"what hav u done wid harry??"
ditcher!! anywayy blog away.
'tis the first n last comment frm meee!