Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's also a fruit...!

Ello All!
So recently this play I've been working on won the competition it was meant for. It's been pretty amazing as far as experiences go. There's been the obvious jubilation at winning, the fame(not bad at all) but most of all the sense of fulfillment you only feel at the end of a journey.
We started about 1 and a half maybe 2 months ago with a script I had written. For those who have seen that script, you already know, but for the others, you wouldn't believe it's the same play. What makes this 'creative' process so incredible is that no 1 person can be accredited with writing the play! Every cast member, or non member person who sold them carrots while they were working on the play has to get a share of the credit. It's impossible to have one final script because the beauty of a good script is that it can always change.
During practices I indulge myself in alot of improv dialogue which I just think of while backstage or even in the shower, and the reason is to make sure we don't get bored! If there's one thing the 2 and a half plays I've worked on have taught me, it's that the more open and relaxed a person is on stage, the better the performance. The improv I do is so that the hours of repeating lines and dialogue don't get boring, so that everytime you're up on stage you're not expecting anything and you just go out there bearing yourself wholly to the audience, no bother of who they are or what they think of you, while at the same time, bearing a complete sense of what they're thinking of you.
I've always held that any form of creativity or performance, music, painting, acting even blogging for that matter is the most fulfilling thing anyone could do. See the thing is, you're out there giving your all so that the audience can let you into their tiny little minds, so that maybe you can pry them open and let them feel a bit of the creativity you're trying to embrace!
Someone I know once said to me that they didn't 'get' what it was about sports that got to people. Naturally Anish was the first person I though of and all the discussions we've had over on his blog regarding passions made me want to do this post.
Why the post? I want to know about your passions- sports or acting or hell even gardening, just tell me why you feel so strongly for it! If we're lucky we may just 'get' each other in the end!
The stage is where my passion lies, that's one thing I'm more than certain of. Where does yours?
Let's go!


Anonymous said...


Rayna said...

Passion is most clearly obvious when our mind, body and spirit work together to create & develop and our feelings, ideas and most sacred values.My passion i would say lies in art, mostly painting :D
An awesome post!!
PS-CONGRATS!! to u and ur team ,a splendid job.

Nishant said...

Congratulations. I never really got around to it. Brilliant script and brilliantly pulled off.

About passion. Where does my passion lie? Probably writing (which you KNOW I suck at) and my guitar. Yes. My guitar. Why?

Because it provides refuge.

Nawaz said...

The most amazing part of workin with Harry for all of us was that even though we worked non stop over the same thing again and again none of the play members ever got bored as we always expected Harry to do somthing which would be totally different each time we went up on that stage to practice.It took us a while but soon we were all ready for any improvisations or changes he made on the spot.Thanks Harry for writing such a brilliant script and im really glad you got the recognition you deserved.It was a great experience workin with you and "mime" wouldn't be as hillarious as it is without you.Thanks Juliet:p..

If you ask me about my passion it would definately be sports as its in competition that I find myself giving all ive got.


gautam said...

My passion is making creative ads like this

And thats why I took advertising. everyone should follow their passions

Tejas said...

Sorry for being late on this one!
You know my passion man...
no, just making funny/cool/thriller type videos, making new music...oh and btw
i wasnt gonna tell ne1 yet
but i have started on my BIGGEST thing yet.
itll take a while tho!

Anonymous said...

post a new one U dumb freak short bastard

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Jozie said...

I think Anonymous at 10:53 has mental issues...

My Passions are
dancing.... because i really don't care if someone doesn't like the way i dance.
Singing.... because notes are just amazing. you can dive into them and display your emotion in a bunch of notes.
Photoography...don't even get me started on this one.