Thursday, June 19, 2008

Underestimation confession

ello all
So, I was researching some stuff for my next peice (and post) and I stumbled across some awesome sites- based in India!
For Polaris 2008, the Wilson Festival we've taken up New Media as our theme and the one reason I pushed for it, and the new media workshop we're having is because I'm so worried Indian citizens and private entrepeneurs are not paying enough attention to the power of web 2.0. I love the net. The number of random blogs and articles I read in a day are comparable to the number of books I don't read and as my co-ordinator would tell you, it's plenty.

Now I wouldn't dare undermine the use of the net by the people I know. For anyone who's read my blog roll you'd know that with Quaint murmur, view from beneath, mappings, etc. it's fairly evident we've got some great writers out there.
However it is thoroughly refreshing to find blogs and opinions from outside my friend's circle and the people I know. Having looked for jobs and in discussion with this neat lady I thought I knew pretty much all there was to know about India's web participation.
As it stands, I was horribly narrow minded and happily surprised to find these sites:
1) PlayCircuit: Kick ass site and a must see for anyone into advertising or marketting. A few months ago I'd found a brilliant blog for management insight by some American student, but this one as well as the Indian PR Forum site are equally awesome for their feilds.
2) Dhi Only One and Churumuri : Two opinionated, seemingly well read Indians giving their schpeal on several things. I don't agree with alot of what is said, but as I mentioned on the latter's blog, discussion and debate is where it's at if we want to get anywhere, and it's always great to see people not leaving it to the men in white over in the parliament.

I am certain theres tons more out there, and please do mention anything worth mentioning in the comments, but it's thoroughly refreshing to find sites like these and I hope to find more.

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