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Sepp Blatter- He ain't got no alibi

UPDATE: Since this post, I've been reading up a bit more, mostly from Andrew Jennings, the only journalist to be banned by FIFA. The conclusion I've reached is this:
A week before Euro 2008, with a little more than a month before the ruling in Zug, Switzerland which may well lead to an indictment for Blatter and several other executives for fraud and bribery charges worth 100s of millions of dollars, it seems very probable that FIFA would look to draw attention AWAY, from the fact they're a bunch of big fat cunts.
And so, I will speculate, this whole episode with the 6+5 thing, is nothing more than a media parade aimed to ensure bored fans don't start wondering why FIFA's had more than 20 executives confess to bribery, their Vice president sells TV rights for world cups privately and assaults journalists, and ofcourse, why they're such a bunch of big fat cunts.
If Blatter does go down, I will further speculate, that either Michel Platini, or Franz Beckenbauer will take his place and continue the basic workings of big fat cunts.
No coincidence though that they were sponsored and brought in PERSONALLY by Adidas' cheif Horst Dassler, who incidentally formed and ran the ISL company who bribed FIFA- something they're being investigated for with a ruling due in...motherfucker! A little over a month!
That is all.
Ello all.
The 6+5 debate rages on but before anyone goes any further I would like to help you all come to terms with WHO or WHAT, exactly is suggesting and pushing for this most.
Mr. Sepp Blatter.
Like all good character slating, I will start where he did. Blatter was involved in the setting up of the '72 and '76 Olympics. He was also General secretary of the Swiss Ice Hockey federation. But most importantly, he was elected the President of the World Society of friends of suspenders. A group aimed at protesting women's replacement of suspenders with pantyhose. Whether or not this had anything to do with the following quote about women's football players is for you to decide:
"They could, for example, have tighter shorts. Female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so, and they already have some different rules to men - such as playing with a lighter ball. That decision was taken to create a more female aesthetic, so why not do it in fashion?"
Anyway, Sepp then went on to join FIFA in 1975 as technical director. It is widely accepted and there is ample evidence to suggest that this appointment had less to do with his actual competence and more to do with his ass licking of Horst Dassler, the head of ISL and Adidas, which for those who are unaware, is the company which created the idea of sports marketting. Dassler along with Patrick Nally, both geniuses in their own rights, devised a way of earning billions in TV rights and sponsorship of events such as the Olympics and the World cup, etc.
In order to do that they would need considerable leverage within these federations. It was first, Blatter's predecessor Joao Havelange who lived it up with their bribery, and then when he decided he was done, they had to move along to someone new- Blatter. He was effectively instated BY them.
The fact that he has been repeatedly drowned in allegations of corruption and bribery related to his elections should be enough to convince anyone. The President of the Somalian FA is quoted as saying, "The night before the election people were lining up in Le Meridien Hotel (in Paris) to receive money. Some told me they got $50,000 before the vote and the same the next day, after Blatter won."
But there's tons more. Blatter's re-election was unopposed even though only 66 of the 207 members actually nominated him!
But the worst part, the frustrating part of it, is that he always gets away with it. It was the exceptional, gutsy work from the 2002 World cup's cheif organiser Michael Zen Ruffinen that led to the charges levied against Blatter and 11 other top FIFA officials. And it was this very work which saw him get fired just hours before the World cup HE organised, because Blatter had had enough of his "negative comments".
"On Friday, the executive committee is going to take care of `Mr Clean'. Now it is finished. The last negative comments by Zen-Ruffinen after my re-election were the last straw."

I can assure you this post has taken me no more than 2 hours and all I've had to do is read the links in it and a few more. The sheer ugliness of FIFA's dealings, and the sheer ugliness of Horst Dassler's dealings during his time with Adidas, are, if nothing else, terrifying.
This man has no concept of what his position signifies. He has repeatedly over stepped his authority, accusing the English FA of shoddy work with the Martin Taylor ban, 'apologising' to Aussie fans for official's actions, saying women footballers need to dress skimpier, the list goes on.
The fact that so many people, top investigative journalists of our time have dug up so much shit on him, and despite momentary discomfort, he gets away scot free, is even scarier.
FIFA has "apparently" voted unanimously FOR the 6+5 rule and are trying to move the EU to change it's employment laws for it to be passed by 2012. The rule will debilitate and ruin world football and not only make the rich richer, but leave football's poor poorer. And this absolute turd of a man may just make it happen saying it's 'for the fans' though not a single one has probably been consulted. No Platini does NOT count.
Ahmed Bilal, Andrew Jennings with BBC Panorama, and Barbara Smit have all done some incredible work on the subject but unless this kind of information makes it to blogs and forums everywhere it won't be known. This post is a mere compilation of facts. I would hope it gets around. Even if you don't read every link I've placed, do read the first two in this paragraph for a short 'introduction.'

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. Sepp Blatter- the most powerful man in world football today.

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Mano Gil said...

Hey Harendra,

I don't personally like Sepp Blatter either. And one of the main (and most obvious) reasons is that he never played this sport in his life. The corruption, the bribes anly make it worse. But that happens in ALL federations, in all levels. If I agree that it is unrealistic to have the clubs belonging to their fans like in the past, or players being loyal to the clubs colours and not the money I also believe that an attempt to make the top teams have more home-born players is valid. And why only the EPL teams are complaining? Because they know it will be damn hard to find british-born talents. I honestly should not even care that much. i don't have a favourite club and I'll continue cheering for the talented players wherever they are. But I have to COMPLETELY AGREE with you that the way that Blatter's ideas are "approved" are way far from far and honest. Shame, Shame, Shame... Great Post!