Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jerk my knee!

ello all!
Something struck me today and when I thought about putting it down I'd actually forgotten I had my blog! Perhaps it's the fact that my last few posts have been purely personal. Perhaps not.
We, people, humans, intelligent beasts, shepherds, are a bunch of petrified idiots. I've realised that it's not that we cannot use the remaining 94% of our brains, it's just that we do not. We choose not to think too deep. We choose not to accept ourselves as individuals in independent contexts. We choose to conform because, and this is usually considered intelligent, it's easier that way.
I've been studying some psychology as part of my course lately and my belief in the most basic principle of The Matrix has never been stronger. The principle is, that reality, your reality is yours and yours alone. Everything you touch and see and hear and smell is rooted in signals being sent to YOUR brain. Your mind. Pain is subjective and so is love. Memories can be reconstructed so easily by the vaguest of associations that you can actually rehearse an entirely fictitious story in your mind and 'learn' a new feeling or fear. In the right state of subconsciousness you can convince yourself of anything. Of a purple sky and a green ocean and a gun in the hand of the suspect in the murder case your testifying to. So then tell me. What is real?
The blue sky outside this room and this keyboard I keep hitting at are created by me. The world is flat until a brainwave signals to me that it's not. This is the world I've decided to live in, and sure I could change it to whatever I want to. Change it to peaceful and wonderous at any time. But I know that I am too damn happy with this place I'm in, and whatever I'm struggling with I'm enjoying too. Real is what I say it is.
In this world of mine, I've seen so many people, and I'm one of them too mind you, cling to a generalised system of rules and codes, that I can't help but reach the conclusion I started this post with. We're a bunch of petrified idiots. Honestly, I am.
It's easy to mock someone who clings to the values and manners that their 'religion' calls for, but how about us, the other idiots who cling to our own form of religion. In television. In 'Friends' and 'The OC.' Rules on how to behave. On how to react. How to be with your girlfriend. Ignore the actual feeling you have and follow the format.
What is reality? I am reality. There are no rules until I create them.

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Anonymous said...

Your best post yet, son. Well done.